Intelecon - Overview

Intelecon provides services to business, government and international organisations on market, policy and technology issues, especially in emerging markets and the developing world. We undertake projects across a range of Information and Communication Technology fields. Using expertise and breadth of understanding, Intelecon consultants produce insightful strategic and policy advice, realistic projections, and practical marketing and distribution assistance – quality services valued highly by our clients.

Universal Access & Service / Broadband

Finding ways of providing access to telecom and Internet services are crucial to a nation's economic and social development. Intelecon has the leading experts for assisting governments and operators alike on key issues related to UAS, including Broadband deployment programs.

ICT Research, Strategy & Applications

ICT is a key driver of economic growth and social inclusion. Intelecon specializes in the design of national ICT strategies that catalyze social and economic development opportunities and activate private sector initiatives in emerging market environments.

ICT Policy & Regulation

Establishing the correct forms of policy and regulation are critical to the sustainable development of an ICT sector. Intelecon's proven effectiveness in developing ICT policies and regulations is rooted in the design of customised solutions and in the considered implementation of these solutions.

Market Analysis & Advisory Services

Intelecon provides strategic consulting services to a wide range of international clients. With our market analysis expertise, we offer a thorough investigation into the current market structure, players, trends to determine future growth potential, and opportunities.