Market Analysis & Advisory Services

Intelecon provides strategic consulting services to a wide range of international clients. Intelecon's differentiating factor is the link between our global ICT experience and our in-depth local knowledge of over 50 countries across five continents. The combination of our understanding of the communications industry and our specialist expertise in emerging markets and developing countries means that we are relied upon by our clients to rigorously evaluate new investment and business opportunities in these challenging environments. Working together with investment groups, such as the IFC, EBRD and private institutions, government agencies and operators, Intelecon has a proven track record of developing effective market-oriented strategies.

Market Analysis

With our market analysis expertise, we offer a thorough investigation into the current market structure, players, and trends to determine future growth potential. While focusing on Intelecon's core expertise of telecom services, our demand and supply analysis would cover the following factors:

  • Sustainability – Are proposed solutions sustainable in the longer term?
  • Multi-sector solutions – In light of convergence, which sectors other than telecoms would the project affect?
  • Regulatory and policy risk analysis – What are the regulatory and policy risks that the proposed project faces?
  • Factor analysis – Outside of traditional supply and demand metrics, what other factors will directly or indirectly affect the outcome of the project?
While nearly all of Intelecon's consulting work includes a market analysis component, some of Intelecon's projects with specific market analysis segments range from e-government applications to broadband Universal Access and Service to infrastructure deployment and sharing.

Advisory Services

Intelecon has advised governments on optimal ownership levels, assessed local and foreign ventures, identified potential bidders, and reviewed time frames for privatisation. We are relied upon by our clients to rigorously evaluate new investment & business opportunities via thorough market forecasts, competitive analyses, detailed financial evaluations and other due diligence procedures.

Our due diligence procedures include the following:

  • Critical review of business plans;
  • Detailed technical analysis;
  • Comparison and technology risk evaluation; and,
  • Competitive analysis, key risks and potential mitigation.
Ranging from a US$ 5 million investment in a second national telecom operator in Central Asia to a US$ 50 million investment in one of the largest cable TV players in Latin America, Intelecon has been at the forefront of telecom due diligence activities.