ICT Research, Strategy & Applications

Intelecon specializes in designing national information and communication technology (ICT) strategies that catalyze social and economic development opportunities in emerging market environments. Intelecon understands that ICTs are not stand-alone, turn-key entities. Rather, ICT development and expansion involves the creation of strategic, integrated policies that support and expand the role that ICT has in terms of a country's wider growth and development, but also the opportunities that users have to develop, access and utilize technologies.

Intelecon's team of professional consultants can identify and facilitate the adoption of ICT strategies to enhance domestic and international economic development opportunities. We offer a wealth of experience in conducting ICT country analyses, qualitative and quantitative research including benchmarking, and business planning exercises.

National ICT Strategies & Implementation

Intelecon offers a complete set of client services and support featuring the design, implementation and assessment of national ICT strategies including public funding programs, private sector initiatives, and public-private partnerships. We have worked in areas of Broadband service expansion, e-Government applications (e.g. eHealth, eEducation, & citizen services), m-Banking services and ICT-enabled technology sectors including government and business process outsourcing.

Intelecon promotes innovative ICT applications, pilots and delivery approaches that include mobile phone enabled "Village Phone" entrepreneurs, school/community internet points of presence (POPs), and wireless broadband applications for remote areas.

ICT and e-Governance Assessment & Design

Intelecon provides ICT status and capacity assessment for a range of client needs including multi-country, national and regional assessments of ICT best practice, technical viability, capacity building requirements, and local demand for ICT and e-Government services. Intelecon has direct experience with e-Education assessments, including projects conducting opportunity analyses for ICTs & Distant Education, and surveys on the effectiveness of national ICT and Education applications.

m-Banking Strategies & Implementation

Intelecon provides specialized services in strategy development, technology feasibility, capacity building frameworks and partnerships for sustainable m-banking applications. Our client-focused solutions include partnership development, structuring of service level agreements (SLAs), enabling regulation and security protocol, and the design of piloting and implementation projects. Components of our m-banking strategies include development of viability criteria and capacity building for m-banking agents and staff in service delivery, product marketing, accountability and security with respect to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures and cash in/cash out responsibilities.

Our valued clients have included government regulators, telecom operators, banking, remittance organizations and local agent networks that include mobile phone agents, local merchants and microfinance organizations.