Telecommunications Regulatory Development Programme, Mongolia – EBRD

Intelecon was retained by the EBRD and Government of Mongolia in 2007-8 to provide wide-ranging policy and regulatory support on the development and implementation of the country’s new telecommunications sector policy and privatisation strategy. The project included a major training program for the Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC); development of new regulations and regulatory decision-making procedures and tools; the drawing up of a detailed sector policy, institutional structure, and implementation strategy; design of a new CRC budget and personnel structure; the provision of support tariff and interconnection regulation and licensing; and the drafting of all relevant legal revisions and regulatory instruments.

Intelecon successfully completed all three phases of this project to schedule. Intelecon consultants provided the following services:

  • Delivered new regulations and regulatory decision-making procedures and tools, and conducted workshops;
  • Developed the sector institutional structure to separate policy from regulatory functions;
  • Developed sector policy to implement regulatory best practice – including tariff, interconnection, spectrum, and competition regulation;
  • Conducted public consultation processes with the CRC; and,
  • Drafted and revised communications legislation to enhance effectiveness and reflect the new policy.

Electronic Governance for Efficiency and Effectiveness (E3) Project – Philippines

The E3 is a five-year multi-million dollar project designed to increase the awareness of the Government of the Philippines (GOP) about the value and use of ICT in the social services sector. This project is executed in partnership with BearingPoint, who run the local office. Intelecon’s contributions to date include the following:

  • Analysis of the telecom’s and ICT private sector’s capacity to support e-government applications down to rural areas using broadband;
  • Analysis of the policy and regulatory environment for both telecommunications and e-government services;
  • Review of international experience and best practice covering institutional, regulatory and policy mandates of an ICT ministry as well as functional and organization options; and,
  • Drafting the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for the establishment of the Department of ICT (DICT) – a new ICT ministry.

Creating the Enabling Policy, Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Environment for Improved Access to ICT Services in Under-served Areas - Malawi

Intelecon was awarded a competitive tender by the World Bank to help the Government of Malawi and its regulator, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), to implement the enabling policy, legal and regulatory environment for improved telecommunications and ICT access to under-served areas.

Intelecon has completed the following tasks and activities:

  • Reviewed all critical legal, policy and regulatory documents pertaining to Malawi’s telecommunications and Internet sectors; 
  • Conducted a 13 day in-country mission to meet with MACRA and 18 other stakeholders including telecom and Internet sector operators and service providers, as well as public and private organisations with interests in expanded access to ICT;
  • Delivered a Universal Access Best Practice Workshop which was attended by representatives from MACRA, the Ministry of Information and Tourism and other stakeholders;
  • Delivered a Telecom and Internet Sector Overview that assessed the communications sectors and provided preliminary assessments of the potential value for a Rural Telecommunications Development Fund (RTDF);
  • Prepared a Malawi Investment Climate Report, identifying the challenges and potential solutions to removing the impediments to private sector innovation in the delivery of locally-tailored information and communication services and technologies to the poor;
  • Developed a socio-economic model for the country to support the identification of the pilot project districts and the implementation of a country-wide Rural Telecommunications Strategy;
  • Drafted an Operating Manual to guide the institutional management and operations of the RTDF; and,
  • Drafted Bidding Documents for the pilot project tender process.

Further examples of Intelecon’s work can be found in the Projects section.