Latin America Cable Operator

Intelecon provided due diligence services on one of the largest cable TV operators in Latin America for a US$ 50 million investment intended to leverage additional investment. The assessment included a market review for Pay TV, broadband Internet and cable telephony, and a technical, regulatory and operational review.

Internet broadband

A world-leading satellite player developed a product that delivers voice and high-speed Internet. Intelecon was retained to identify the top 10 markets and identify the best potential telecom player in each country for partnership. Intelecon consultants visited the identified countries, assessed demand and identified partners.

Second operator in Central Asia

For a venture capital fund intending to invest in telecom entities in Central Asia and combine them into an alternative operator offering voice, Internet and integrated services. Intelecon assessed the telephony, cable TV, Internet & IP telephony markets. We made recommendations on the proposed investments and business development strategy and later acted as advisors to develop a marketing and sales plan.

Further examples of Intelecon’s work can be found in the Projects section.