Electronic Governance for Efficiency and Effectiveness (E3) Project – Philippines

The E3 is a five-year multi-million dollar project designed to increase the awareness of the Government of the Philippines about the value and use of ICT in the social services sector. This project is executed in partnership with AgriTeam, who run the local office. Intelecon’s contributions to date include the following:

  • Analysis of the telecom’s and ICT private sector’s capacity to support e-government applications down to rural areas using broadband;
  • Analysis of the policy and regulatory environment for both telecommunications and e-government services;
  • Review of international experience and best practice covering institutional, regulatory and policy mandates of an ICT ministry as well as functional and organization options; and
  • Drafting the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for the establishment of the Department of ICT (DICT) – a new ICT ministry.

State Bank of Pakistan/Asia Development Bank, Improving Access to Financial Services – Pakistan

From 2008-09, Intelecon was engaged as Technical Specialist and Adviser to the Government of Pakistan, under a 2.5 million USD Financial sector Technical Assistance project funded by the Asian Development Bank on expanding access to financial services. Our role was in the area of m-banking technologies and applications to improve access of financial services to underserved and impoverished citizens in Pakistan, as well as the provision of advice to the Government, the telecom, banking and technology industries on international experience and regulation of m-banking.

Intelecon led the investigation into appropriate m-banking applications, regulatory frameworks for mobile technologies and partnerships for financial service delivery, and business opportunities. Specific focus was on the analysis of systems and options for promising technology applications and innovations that included mobile money transfer, Point of Sale (POS) terminal and VSAT applications.

ICT Regulation on-line Training Toolkit & Training Workshops – infoDev and ITU

Intelecon is one of the main authors of an on-line training toolkit sponsored by infoDev and the ITU. Its focus is on ICT regulation and it provides information on best practice as well as practical experience for policy makers and regulators. Intelecon developed the Universal Access and Service (UAS) Module that covers concepts and definitions, regulatory reform options, main UAS models, UAS policy development, financing, programme development, economic impact, broadband UAS policy, competition processes and tendering for UAS subsidies, and technologies.

The Module provided detailed information on the integration with other government programs, e-inclusion, legal and policy reform as well as targeted deregulation, open and shared access and backbone, prioritization of projects, and environmental sustainability issues.

The material of the UAS module was presented by Intelecon at a four day workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with particular focus on broadband development and public-private partnerships. For further details, visit: http://icttoolkit.infodev.org/en/index.html.

Further examples of Intelecon’s work can be found in the Projects section.