Private sector provision of telecommunications services in rural and peri-urban areas in Peru

countries: Peru
key-subject: universal access, telecommunications, ICT
client-type: government

The 'Fondo de Inversion en Telecomunicaciones' (FITEL) is a program designed to entice the private sector to invest in telecom infrastructure in rural and underserved peri-urban areas of Peru by providing subsidies through a competitive tendering process. Following the successful deployment of over 6,000 public phones, Intelecon was retained to evaluate the program; identify barriers and disincentives to rural network investment; develop a next phase strategy that would be attractive to mobile operators; and create a pilot project.

Intelecon provided the Government of Peru (GOP) with a diversified strategy which included incentives intended to foster the private sector's provision of basic telephone services as well as other information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure to rural and peri-urban communities. In addition, Intelecon coordinated an international conference of experts in rural telecommunications to encourage the sharing of insight and best practice for the Peruvian stakeholders. Intelecon also designed a pilot project for expansion of the country's mobile communication infrastructure into more rural areas.