Development of programs and funding mechanisms to accelerate rural ICT development in Africa

countries: Multiple (Algeria, Cameroon, DR Congo, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia)
key-subject: ICT, strategy, Africa
client-type: financial institution

Intelecon was hired by infoDev / the World Bank to prepare a Rural ICT Toolkit and program that would assist African countries to implement concrete projects that would catalyze the expansion of ICT in rural areas. Intelecon worked with nine local associates across Africa to conduct the study, delivered the following outputs:

  • Detailed ICT market reports for 10 African nations;
  • A strategic program designed to accelerate sustainable rural ICT development and promote public-private sector co-operation; and
  • A Rural ICT Toolkit for Africa, containing best practices and guidelines to assist African policy makers, regulators and other interested parties to implement concrete programs and projects to successfully accelerate rural ICT.