Strategic VSAT market study – 4 Asian countries, 6 Latin American countries, 7 CIS/CEE countries, 3 African countries

countries: China, India, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya
key-subject: VSAT, market share, corporate customers, strategic partners
client-type: equipment supplier

An evaluation of four regions was carried out by Intelecon to determine the future demand of a particular type of VSAT product by the corporate and public sectors. For each of the regions, 3 to 5 countries with the greatest demand were identified.

With the objective of increasing market share and sales of the client’s product, Intelecon conducted an in-depth analysis of industries (including finance, oil and gas, mining, agriculture and others) to identify VSAT usage and needs. Phone interviews were conducted with telecommunications managers and decision-makers from these key industries to determine their demand for private corporate VSAT networks.

Key trends, issues and market opportunities were identified, particularly related to the interplay of liberalisation, regulation and market conditions.

Several potential sales leads and strategic partnerships for service provision were recommended for the client’s business development.