Telecommunications industry and technology trends – Canada

countries: Canada
key-subject: global technology trends, industry structure and convergence, cable TV, universal service, local exchange carriers, rights-of-way
client-type: government

Intelecon was appointed by a major city administration in Canada to assess the current telecommunications and cable TV industry structure and trends in Canada.

This study included a review of major market players (both new and those created from merger activities), and global trends in wire, wireless and fibre optics. The study also included a review of universal service funding and its impact on rights-of-way issues.

Based on the current telecommunications trends in developed countries, Intelecon assessed how the wire and cable based industry would likely develop in Canada, and how this would affect the demand of rights-of-ways at present and in the future.

The client used Intelecon’s findings to assist them during a CRTC hearing on the pricing of rights-of-way in Canada.