Technical Assistance for the granting of telecommunication operators authorizations/licenses in rural areas

countries: Burkina Faso
key-subject: Universal Access, Universal Service Funds, ICT
client-type: Government

Intelecon partnered with McCarthy Tetrault LLB (Canada) for this World Bank project aimed at extending voice telephony and ICT information services to rural and under-served urban areas of the country. Intelecon's role in this project included conducting a complete telecommunication and ICT sector overview; preparing an International Best Practices report on Universal Access and experiences with US Funds; and designing and leading a techno-economic feasibility study in the South-west region of the country in 12 serviced and non-serviced communities. The key project outputs included a national strategy for universal access telecommunication and Internet services; an operating guide for the Universal Service Committee, the body responsible for managing the Universal Service Fund; and a dynamic Financial Model to assist the country with future US planning and implementation. Intelecon also contributed to the preparation of RFP documents that are to be issued for the 2006 competitive tender process for UA services in the pilot zone.