Rural distribution of satellite services – Brazil, Russia, India, Morocco

countries: Brazil, Russia, India, Morocco
key-subject: mobile satellite services (MSS) market, marketing strategies, distribution channels, rural applications
client-type: operator

Intelecon provided strategic recommendations to its client, a Mobile Satellite Services Operator, regarding the marketing and distribution of its satellite products such as remote mobile, semi-fixed and public payphones.

Country visits (between 2 to 5 weeks in duration) were made to Brazil, Russia, India and Morocco. In each of these countries, the proposed marketing strategies were tested and then refined according to the latest market conditions. During these visits, interviews were conducted with key players in telecommunications and distribution in order to identify possible distribution partners for the client.

Intelecon also developed a financial model to assess the costs/benefits of various distribution channels available to a MSS supplier.

In addition to country specific analysis, comparative country analysis was also carried out to determine the general demand and distribution trends of MSS products.