December 2013 - Connect the BoP: A Guide to leveraging ICT for inclusive business

For GIZ, Intelecon examined how companies that serve the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) can leverage ICT to create innovative services and be more successful. Over 40 companies were analyzed that serve the BoP and use ICT in innovative ways. We interviewed companies in very diverse sectors, including pharmaceuticals, micro-insurance, solar power, water, agriculture and employment. The resulting Guide can be downloaded here:


June 2013 - Wikimedia Foundation Study

Intelecon was selected by the Wikimedia Foundation to explore perceptions, usage and attitudes toward Wikipedia in developing countries. The focus, in particular, has been on the lower income segment who typically have only a mobile phone to access the Internet. The study findings can be found here, Read more


April 2012 - IFC Four-Country Mobile Money Presentation

Steve Esselaar, Principal Telecommunications Consultant at Intelecon, presented the IFC four country mobile money study at the Africa Mobile Money Research Conference held at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies in Nairobi, Kenya in early April 2012. The objective of the conference was to look at evidence of financial inclusion through mobile technology and specifically bringing together the perspectives of academia, private sector, the development community and government. Read more

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